If I could turn back time (on my carpet)

by | Aug 1, 2016 | Blog

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I’d take back (that dirt) that hurt you and you’d stay (your original color)

(Grime’s) like a knife it can cut deep inside (your carpet fibers)…

Is Cher singing about the mistreatment of her carpet? Could she be begging for a second chance to show her soft and loving floor cover just how much she appreciates it? Can’t we all relate to the feeling of taking something so present in our lives for granted? Dearest Carpet, how did we ever let it go this far?

If I could turn back time (on my carpet)

If I could find a way (to restore you)…

Luckily, you can turn back time. And it can be done without ripping the rug out from under your life. A professional carpet cleaning company can return the look and feel of a brand new carpet to your home. It only takes a few hours to repair years of neglect.

Then you’d love me, love me

(Cushion me) like you used to

Even if you haven’t altogether neglected your partner in foot—absentmindedly running a vacuum over it every so often—you still need to go out of your way to show it how much you care.

Otherwise, it will begin to break down below the surface—in the very fibers of its existence. It may be harboring allergens and microscopic bits of bacteria down there. It can’t take care of itself. Do you and your carpet have pets together? Then you need to show it even more love.

Think of having your carpet regularly steam cleaned as an anniversary present for the both of you. Getting walked on all the time sure is exhausting. Turn your house into a carpet spa for the day. Both of you deserve a clean slate.

Now we know what you’re thinking…this is one heck of a roundabout way of plugging our carpet cleaning services. Yes, it is. K&M is a carpet cleaning company, after all (and we also clean tile, grout, and air ducts). But we really do care about our profession.

This whole relationship metaphor is actually how we view carpet cleaning. So if you need carpet cleaners in Austin, Round Rock, or somewhere else, we hope you’ll consider us. We promise to take the best possible care of your home.


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What People Say About K&M Steam Cleaning

We are a customer-centric company ensuring not only quality but a great customer experience.

"My dog puked up dirt and two dark stains on my carpet, the next day she peed a little. I had K&M Cleaning come out and Eddy was awesome. He got the stains right out and it looks like it never happened. I'm very pleased with the results."

Angel B.

"K&M showed up same day after calling them and remove all of the carpet stains (several). They were in and out. I have already called them again - days later for them to do additional work on other areas of my home"

Mike G.

"One of our doggies had an accident and we went straight to google found K&M. They were able to come out the same day and get it taken care of. Technicians are super friendly and knowledgeable. Definitely 5-star service company. Our rug is back to brand new condition!"

Cristina C.

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