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Tile & Stone Cleaning

Porcelain and Ceramic Floors

K&M is a full service floor cleaning company in Austin, Texas. Beyond carpet cleaning, our team is trained to remove dirt, discoloration and stains from stone and tile surfaces. We restore natural stone floors, porcelain tile and ceramic tile flooring to original conditions without stripping or harming the surface.

Stone Floor Cleaning – Central Texas

Stone is nature’s hard flooring material. Your stone floor came from the earth and it’s our job to fully restore it with non-abrasive cleaning products and tools. This is not some synthetic material developed in a lab, it’s a piece of nature and should be cleaned and preserved with special care. At K&M, we take great pride in being one of the few carpet cleaning companies in Central Texas trained to expertly clean stone floors.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Cleaning – Austin

Ceramic and porcelain both make beautiful but delicate flooring materials. They must be maintained and cleaned with extra attention to detail. Our team is trained to fully clean tile floors and restore their natural shine and true colors without damaging the surface. If your home or business contains multiple flooring materials, K&M is the logical choice for a complete floor cleaning job.

What Makes Us Different?

Cleaning and restoring stone is our specialty. Whether it's flooring, showers, or counters.
We have teams that specialize in man-made ceramics but what sets us apart from all companies for tile cleaning is that we have teams that specialize in stone.

The difference between a stone tile and a ceramic is that the earth created the stone floor.
In fact, what gets me going about stone floors is that it took Millions and Millions of years to create the stone floor.
We can do a basic cleaning to full restorations for all types of stone.

Examples of our Work

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