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Power Washing

Consider K&M Steam Cleaning for All Your Power Washing Needs

Is your outside area in need of some TLS when it comes to brick, concrete, asphalt, metal, or wood?

We all strive to keep the interior of our homes and businesses clean but do we take the time to address the dirt outside our doors on the paths and walkways? Every day we bring in this type of oily residue, fungi, or tree sap that falls onto the sidewalks, and we track this in as we come in the house daily. Odds are there is a rug by every door in your home in order to wipe the filth off our shoes, but how often do those rugs get used?

Preserve your newly cleaned interior with an exterior power wash. Once we've gotten out what life brings in, allow us to keep out what life brings in by giving your outdoor area a once-over. Protect and extend the livelihood of your investments. Call K&M today and see what our skilled technicians can do to increase your property value.

K&M’s experienced technicians have the equipment and cleaning solutions necessary to restore your walkways, driveways and pathways!

During the cleaning, our friendly, expert staff will discuss a regular cleaning schedule for you, based on many variables. Best of all, we will visit during hours that are most convenient for you.

Contact the professional staff at K&M today to get things sparkling. Do not wait until the stains are already showing up and your home or business is feeling icky - inside and out!

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