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Consider K&M Steam Cleaning for All Your Commercial Carpet Needs

Did you know K&M also specializes in commercial cleaning services in Austin, Round Rock and Pflugerville?

If your area business is in need of some TLS when it comes to floors, carpets, ducts or walls, call K&M today and see what our skilled cleansing technicians can do to spruce your stuffy office space or building today.

There are two main challenges when it comes to dirt in your business: First, the solid dirt that is tracked in on people’s shoes that is easy to see and can visibly be swept and mopped away. Second, there is the dirt that you do not see – oil-based grime that comes from biological sources, like skin cells and germs.When your clients come in and sit at your furniture or place hands on your desk, the oil secretions from their skin will gradually stain your furniture. Over time, this discoloration will take a toll and customers will soon find somewhere more sanitary looking to conduct their business or enjoy a meal.

K&M’s experienced technicians have the equipment and cleaning solutions necessary to restore your tile floors and make them look better than ever!

Prevent these problems by having a deep commercial cleaning started today. During the cleaning, our friendly, expert staff will discuss a regular cleaning schedule for your business, based on the amount of traffic that you receive. Our specially-trained K&M commercial cleaners will follow through and make sure that your business is reflecting the kind of pristine cleanliness you’d like to portray to your customers. Best of all, your commercial cleaner will visit during hours that are most convenient for you so that your regular business day is not affected.

Contact the professional staff at K&M today to get things sparkling for your business. Do not wait until the stains are already showing up and customers are feeling icky! Keep your business running and show your customers you take pride in your business environment and the great services you provide.

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