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Carpet Repair

Our “PEAK” machines are made by Prochem, which are second to none in the business.

Prochem has a long standing tradition of excellence by offering performance and value all in one package. Providing a long lasting reliable product was the goal, so the PEAK comes with a liquid-cooled Kohler engine that steams at over 210 degrees and is everything you want to clean your home. We run ten trucks In the Austin area with these machines.

We also use several different types of drying equipment to pull moisture and mildew out of the air including dehumidifiers and drying fans.

K&MSteam Cleaning

Received the Super Service Award

for the third year in a row from Angie’s List!

Baby Safe Products

As a local businessman, I have three small children. So my primary concern to a job is saftey. The products we use are virtually all water. They are designed much like your own laundry detergent and are designed to separate oily dirt from fiber. The steam and suction do the rest.

Carpet manufacturers recommend to use a product with less then 10.5 pH. These products have a pH of 8 and are well under carpet manufacturers recommendations.

Pet Odor Treatments

K&M Steam Cleaning understands that you love your pet, even though he or she may be your carpet’s worst enemy. That’s why K&M has developed expertise in cleaning pet stains.

K&M Steam Cleaning has built its reputation as “Pet Odor Specialists” because they treat the cause of pet odor – that ammonia smell that comes from pet stains. Many carpet cleaning services clean pet stains like all of the other stains in the carpet; they simply steam clean it. However, pet stains are not like other stains on your carpet that are caused by food or drink spills, for example.

Pet urine causes bacteria when it goes into a bondable material, which releases an odor. Kill the bacteria; control the odor. Clean the rug, but leave the bacteria, the odor remains.

To remove bacteria caused by pet urine, K&M uses a special environmently-friendly enzyme disinfectant.

After cleaning almost 25,000 carpets in Austin, K&M has seen every kind of pet stain there is. Isn’t it time to enjoy your pet and your carpet? Enjoy both by calling K&M today.